Our Technology



Injection pressing technology is the basis of our work. Therefore, we use the best machines from the renown brands Arburg and Engel. At present we have twenty-two injection presses with a closing force of 30 to 1000 tons.

We also occasionally deal with fitting plastic parts with polyurethane foam.


On four specialised assembly workstations we deal with the application of double-sided adhesive tapes to some of the plastic parts we produce. This adhesive technology is mainly used for external parts, such as door surrounds or seams. The parts we have prepared are then ready for final mounting onto vehicle bodies.


We also provide our customers with pre-assembly of components into headlight units. As part of assembly we also tighten screws and secure cable bundles, ventilators and other parts.

Quality Control

DEA device enables us to check parts with maximum precision to ensure they comply with the drawing documetation and 3D data. As well as checking dimensions we also use equipment to check colour shades and gloss, carry out tear tests and check the fluidity of materials. We also arrange external measuring of reflectance and, in collaboration with external suppliers. arrange materials tests in accordance with documentation.